What is GitHub Profile Page?

A github profile page like any other social media profile page displays the user your public repositories and your contributions to all the repositories by day, month and year wise. A person can also see who you are following on github and how many people are following you. Apart from this it also shows the repositories you have starred.

However till now it was not possible to customize this page since there was no customization available. But now it is possible to customize your github profile page by modifying a README.md in a username repo.

So lets get started:

  • Step 1: Create a repository Login into github and create a new repository with the same name as your github user name. Make sure to keep this repository public and initialize it with README.md file as shown in below screenshot.

Create a repository

  • Step 2: Edit README.md file Once the repository is created, open the README.md file and start editing it. You can add anything in this file - eg your twitter profile link, your linkedin profile link etc. You can also add your biography or description about your interest, hobbies, technologies you like etc as you can see in below screen shot.

Edit README.md file

  • Step 3: Commit README.md file When you have completed making the change and you are ready, preview your changes and make sure to commit your changes.

Commit README.md file

  • Step 4: Verify your changes on your Github Profile Page Next and final step is to go to your github profile page and verify that your changes are showing up there.

Verify your changes on your Github Profile Page

Wrap up

Hopefully you learn something new today and like this post

Happy Coding.